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Disadvantages of working from bed!

Faced with this new situation of the coronavirus pandemic, many people have changed their job in the office to work from home and remotely. Surely, if you are one of those “privileged”, you will have been tempted to work from bed, and it is a decision, quite the wrong one. We will explain why below. Working from bed has a number of disadvantages for your health, so you must know them and minimize the risk. If we stop to think, working from bed seems like a dream come true for many people, but nevertheless, it is not

Instead, we have to bear in mind that not everything seems as good as we might imagine, there are a number of quite important reasons why it is not such a good idea to stay in bed and work from it, since if it is done daily, it may affect us physically and psychically.

We should not condemn the fact of performing some tasks with the computer from our room and in bed, but we must be aware of the effects that this can cause.

Disadvantages of working from bed

Next, we will tell you what those disadvantages of working in bed are.

Low back pain from working in poor posture from bed

One of the first effects we can have from working from bed is having low back pain. The lower back is affected despite the fact that the bed is usually one of the most comfortable places in a house.

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A bad posture refers directly to ergonomics at the work level, it is not advisable to stay for a long period of time in the same position, because there will be problems in that region.

The ideal is to always carry out the work at a desk, on a table and on a suitable chair, because this will avoid muscular tension in the lumbar and cervical area. If we are in bed for a long time, our legs could fall asleep or have a curved back.

We disturb our sleep and rest

If we get used to working from bed, this continued use of the computer may have become indispensable in modern life, which has led many people to have a certain dependence on this technology.

The ultimate goal of a room is to be the space in the house dedicated to rest, a place to replenish energies that have worn away during the day. If we add an item such as a computer in this space and use it to work, it will affect our health.

Both computers, laptops, tablets or mobiles emit rays that not only affect our eyes and our retinas but also alter our physiological sleep cycle.

Relationship problems

If we focus on relationships, it can cause certain damage in the relationship if one of the two is always with the computer in bed, since for some, the presence of computer equipment in the room creates discomfort to sleep due to the light from the screen. In addition, it produces a loss of communication.

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If one of you decides to work from bed, this could cause poor quality of sleep. Therefore, it is best for the couple to work outside the room.

Computer cooling and ventilation problems

Leaving the computer on, on the bed is a serious mistake because the fan cannot adequately cool the computer. We are used to leaving the mobile, and the computer should not have the same use.

So be careful not to block any holes so that the computer does not heat up.

Mattress lifespan is reduced

If we use the mattress more hours than we owe it, it reduces its useful life. In case you want to work from your bed, we do not advise it since the mattresses are not directly designed to be on them all day.

The most normal thing is that the mattresses have a useful life of 10 years, on the other hand, if we use them more, this time will obviously be reduced.

Tips to counteract these disadvantages

With this article, we do not mean that it is not possible to work while in bed; however, we say that it is not the best option. However, if you want to work from bed, you need to follow these steps and tips so that it does not cause you any harm.

  • Change your position: it is important to change your position from time to time, but always comfortably.
  • Changes in position helps protect the spine but should always be done to seek and find comfort.
  • Keep your legs supported: when you are in bed with the computer, it is recommended that you support your legs.
  • Avoid bending over if you work from bed.
  • It is best to place the laptop on a stand so that it does not heat up or turn off.
  • When you finish working, do not forget to stretch your body, it is important to stretch so that the muscular tensions caused by working from bed are removed.
  • Do not overdo working from bed, it can be counterproductive since if you spend many hours in front of the computer in bed, you may have muscle pain later.
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If you decide to work from bed, we hope that you will always try to find the best posture and not overdo it for too long.