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10 foods that guarantee good health!

Some foods, in addition to being nutritious, have the power to help women ensure good health and maintain beauty. They help to relieve PMS symptoms, control anxiety and prevent disease. We have selected 10 foods that guarantee good health and therefore cannot be missing from your table. Check out:

1. Soy

Isoflavones help to balance hormonal functions. The consumption of soy brings benefits for women who suffer from the discomfort of menopause, especially the sudden heat. In addition to soy-based products (yoghurts, milk, cheese), try adding soybeans to the salad.

2. Carrot

Rich in vitamins, it helps to eliminate acne and control the natural oiliness of the skin. Contains silicon and potassium, which facilitate the elimination of excess liquid in the body. Stimulates metabolism and facilitates digestion. A large amount of beta-carotene in carrots reduces the risk of vision problems.

3. Cauliflower

Daily intake of ½ cup (tea) of cauliflower helps to reduce the risk of breast tumours. This is because the vegetable contains substances that reduce the level of the hormone estrogen, associated with the appearance of cancer.

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4. Oats

It has substances that stimulate the body to absorb less fat, help hydrate the skin, fight cellulite and fluid retention. The fibres of oats are good for the intestine and prolong the feeling of satiety.

5. Guava

Contains little sugar and the juice of the fruit helps to control blood glucose levels, so it is very good for those who have diabetes. Fights infections and bleeding. It has vitamins A, B and C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and fibre.

6. Chicken

A source of protein and vitamin B6, chicken meat relieves PMS symptoms. As dark green foods also act the same way in the body, a good choice is to serve the chicken with broccoli or cabbage.

7. Banana

It is one of the best sources of potassium, which keeps blood pressure under control and is important for the muscles, preventing cramps. Protects from heart disease, prevents the accumulation of fatty plaques in the arteries.

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8. Honey

In addition to being a natural sweetener, honey also helps our body to defend itself against infections caused by bacteria. A glass of warm milk sweetened with 2 tablespoons of honey before bed helps to get a good night’s sleep.

9. Olive oil

Has antioxidant action, prevents cell ageing. It is a great ally in combating heart disease, increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol. Decreases the risk of arthritis by four times in old age.

10. Chestnuts

Like almonds, they have unsaturated fats, which protect the heart and reduce cholesterol. Source of selenium and vitamin E, fight to sag and delay tissue ageing. The ideal is to consume up to 3 nuts per day so as not to put on weight.

If you to improve your nutrition, it’s easy to add a number of these foods to your routine. Above mentioned foods not only make a fabulous snack but are also full of vitamins and antioxidants. Some of them may even support weight loss.

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