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Tips to prevent and treat stretch marks in pregnancy!

Stretch marks in pregnancy appear due to several factors and often make pregnant women super-worried. To help you with this, we talked to experts who indicated the best tips to treat and avoid this problem. See below!

Why do stretch marks appear in pregnancy?

The stretch marks in pregnancy usually occur due to the abrupt stretching of the skin. The causes of this problem vary from person to person, but, especially during pregnancy, there is weight gain and skin tightening.

During the process of the appearance of stretch marks, collagen fibres break – which causes this stretch in the epidermis.

How to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

By paying attention to the following tips, it is possible to avoid the appearance of new stretch marks, in addition to keeping your skin even more beautiful and hydrated.

Eat properly: Adequate nutritional monitoring favours the health of the mother and baby, and, consequently, helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

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Abuse of hydration: Moisturize the skin daily twice a day, either with a moisturizer or body oil. By avoiding dryness, you also avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

Keep an eye on the water temperature during bath: The recommendation is to avoid hot and long baths because hot water dries out the skin. And, this dryness, favours the appearance of stretch marks.

Exercise regularly: Exercise improves skin elasticity and firmness. Therefore, try to combine physical exercise with your pregnancy, be it swimming, water aerobics, yoga, among others. Having a balanced exercise routine helps to include healthy habits in your daily life.

Drink water: It is important to drink at least 2 litres of water per day. By staying hydrated, you help prevent tissue breakage, which causes stretch marks.

Control weight gain during pregnancy: Controlling weight during pregnancy is something in your favour so that the possibilities of new stretch marks in pregnancy are minimized.

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How to treat stretch marks in pregnancy

During the pregnancy

Use a suitable soap: During pregnancy, the use of strong soaps should be reduced, as they dry out the skin. Therefore, you should bet on soaps with great moisturizing power.

More and more hydration: Use moisturizers so that the skin doesn’t suffer so much from stretching. It is worth using bath moisturizer, the one you apply in the shower, as it helps to enhance body hydration.

Make a dermatological follow-up: Your dermatologist will indicate the best procedures before, during and after pregnancy, to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, flaccidity and diseases such as melasma in pregnancy, for example.

After delivery

Ablative laser: It is a deeper and more accurate aesthetic treatment. Its action is to stimulate collagen, minimizing stretch marks.

Laser with pulsed light technology: Pulsed light helps to restore the skin’s natural melanin. It also increases the production of collagen, improving its texture and elasticity.

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Microneedling: This technique consists of a roll with fine and small needles, which penetrate the skin superficially, generating greater absorption of the medications applied, in addition to producing collagen and elastin.

In women, stretch marks appear not only during pregnancy but can occur due to personal tendency, age interference, sudden weight gain or loss.