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9 unsuspected foods that contain hidden sugars!

Overconsumption of sugar increases the risk of overweight, obesity and tooth decay. In short, it is not very good for your health. Unfortunately, sugar is lurking everywhere in our food, especially where we least expect it. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these unsuspected foods that contain hidden sugars.

White bread

In burger bread or sandwich bread for toast and weekend sandwiches, there is a large amount of sugar.

Prepared meals and industrial sauces

As if the heavy hand on salt and a cocktail of aromas, preservatives and chemical colourings were not enough, manufacturers also add sugar to their prepared meals. In one portion of lasagna, for example, there are about ten grams of sugar. Another example with the simple portion of industrial soup of 250 ml which provides approximately 14 g of carbohydrates, of which half of the sugars or the industrial pizza and its 6 g of sugar per 100 g. As for cold and hot sauces, they are also very sweet to improve their texture and taste.

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Canned vegetables

In all our foods, and in particular cans, hidden sugars provide flavour and texture. This is a point to remember if you thought you were making a very healthy choice by consuming canned vegetables. For example, manufacturers rectify the taste of their peas/carrots with 3 to 4% sugar, a rate required to display the words “steamed”.

Diet foods and 0% fat foods

Beware of low-fat foods, because they are not always low in hidden sugars! Indeed, the sugar makes it possible to restore taste to the product and to please the taste buds. (And if it’s not sugar, there are other questionable ingredients such as sweeteners!) Unfortunately, many products labelled “diet” or considered good for you can also be real sugar mines. Cereal bars are the most significant example!

Fruit Yogurt and flavoured yoghurts

The caramel or chocolate creams from Liège are obviously sugar bombs with around twenty grams of sugar. Did you think fruit yoghurt was healthier? However, the fruits are already very sweet (if the yoghurt contains real ones) and the lactose in this food is also sugar!

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Rice cakes and sushi rice

Rice cakes are often used as a replacement for bread or in case of cravings for an appetite suppressant effect. However, this snack has a very high glycemic index. For our body, it is a bit like consuming pure sugar. A good plan would be to make them at home to avoid the added sugars hidden in these foods. As for sushi rice, sugar is often added to it in addition to vinegar. So beware, especially if you add a sweet soy sauce that makes your sugar level explode!

Balsamic vinegar and bottled dressings

In a 500 ml bottle of balsamic vinegar, there are no less than 26 lumps of sugar! Suffice to say that it is better to prefer apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar. As for the vinaigrette that can be found in the bottle on our shelves, it also extends the list of foods rich in hidden added sugars. And of course, its low-fat version is just as sweet (if not more!). Taking 2 minutes to make your vinaigrette is a better choice.

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Coleslaw and grated carrots

“Salad” does not always rhyme with “diet” and “health”! Coleslaw, the famous coleslaw popular in England and the United States, provides 3 teaspoons of sugar per serving. As for the ready-made vegetables from supermarkets, they are not necessarily more recommended. For example, a serving of grated carrot contains about 2 pieces of sour.


It is hardly more salty than cold meats, so it’s hard to imagine finding sugar there. And yet, this ingredient is often added in industrial meats to improve taste and shelf life.