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8 healthy snack ideas

Eating healthy food every day is more important for many of us, but there are times when we run out of ideas about what to eat or what to prepare when we have a visitor at home, and we want to serve a small snack before lunch or to snack. That’s why, in this post, we bring you 8 healthy snack ideas.

Uncooked vegetable

We just have to cut the vegetables that we choose into pieces, and that’s it. If you want, some vegetables are better if we peel them before, such as cucumbers, but it is a matter of taste. In my opinion, the best vegetables to cut into pieces are peppers, carrots, and cucumber.


Original hummus is made with chickpeas, but there are plenty of flavours for hummus. This appetizer is a bit more entertaining because it does involve a little cooking, but it’s worth it. Also, to spread the hummus, we can avoid using the bread and use the vegetables’ pieces from the previous point. So our aperitif will be completely healthy.

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Fruit or vegetable chips

A good alternative to the typical potato chips are chips that are made with fruit or vegetables. The most common chips are those made with bananas, but they can also be made with apples, sweet potatoes, coconut, and yucca. Here we will also have to cook, but very little, since preparing this appetizer is very simple and we do not need much to have it ready.

Baked or microwave “bag fries”

If we opt for the traditional potato chips, we can avoid using the potato chips and prepare our own potatoes, but instead of frying them, we can make them in the oven or micro, thus avoiding oil and having one more snack healthy and real.

Chana Chaat

This is a kind of Hindu salad that can be used as an appetizer. They are basically chickpeas, tomato, onion, and spices. Preparing it is very simple, we put the already cooked chickpeas, and the tomato and onion cut into small pieces, all in a bowl. We add a splash of lemon and oil to taste and if we like a little coriander. As for the spices, you can use them or not, although it is much richer if we put them. Usually, a mixture of spices called Chat Masala is used, which is basically made up of coriander, cumin, ginger, chilli, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, pomegranate seeds, and black salt. We can choose the spices that we like the most and put them to taste.

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There are many ways to prepare edamame, and they are ideal for an aperitif as they are easy to prepare and entertaining to eat. You can also give them a spicy touch if you like.

York ham and fresh cheese rolls

The rolls of a lifetime, we take the ham and put a strip of fresh cheese in the middle of the slice, we roll it up, and that’s it. We can season them with oil or with a little pepper. We can actually combine or substitute the fresh cheese for what we like the most, tomato, carrot, avocado rolls, etc.


Those of a lifetime, here we need nothing more than to open the pot and serve. It is a quick and rich appetizer.