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Constipated? Here are 8 foods to avoid!

Lack of hydration and a diet low in dietary fibre can lead to many digestive problems. Occasional constipation or chronic constipation is one of the most unpleasant to endure. The intestinal transit works slowly, and it is difficult to have a bowel movement, which is not without causing discomfort and even abdominal pain. To increase the volume of stools, we often advise you to drink enough, eat the right foods (wholemeal bread, prunes, psyllium, flax seeds, etc.), and exercise. In addition to all these little remedies to regain good transit, do not hesitate to limit, or even avoid, certain foods that promote constipation.

Here are these foods with a constipating effect to limit and consume in moderation if you are regularly constipated.

Excess dairy products

One of the proteins found in dairy products, immunoglobulin G (IgG), causes many gastrointestinal problems in people with irritable bowel syndrome. Consumed in excess, they can completely promote or worsen constipation. Some dairy foods are better to avoid than others in case of constipation. This is the case with sweet yoghurt, dessert creams, Greek yoghurt, mouldy or fermented cheeses, or dairy products very rich in sugars and fats. If you can not do without it, choose semi-skimmed or fermented milk rich in probiotics that balance the intestinal microbiota.

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Red meat

It is one of the large and difficult foods to digest, and therefore to be avoided in case of constipation. Indeed, it tends to slow down the transit. Also, the long chewing time promotes bloating and intestinal gas. This increases the discomfort! As soon as possible, replace it with lean meat such as poultry. Also, remember to accompany it with a lot of vegetables when eating to counterbalance and provide a good dose of fibre. This will facilitate gastric emptying.


It is impossible not to mention bananas in foods to limit or avoid in case of constipation. Indeed, if most fruits and vegetables are recommended in good quantity, the same is not true for bananas, especially barely ripe. Its sugar is then in the state of starch and can aggravate constipation. If you cannot do without this regular dose of potassium, then consume them when they are fully ripe. Their starch will then have become simple sugar!

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Whether we are talking about industrial cakes or sweets from the baker’s, pastries all share the same faults. They are indeed low in fibre and water, but also too high in fat. Unfortunately, these three nasty faults do not work in their favour and have the gift of exacerbating the evils of a person who is already well constipated! If you want your little treat or dessert, always serve it with a large glass of water and seasonal fruits. You can also finish the meal with homemade preparation. A baked pear, a bowl of raspberries, or oatmeal and dried fruit bar are all sweet ways to end the meal on a sweet note.

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Cooked potatoes and carrots, surprising foods to avoid during an episode of constipation

Neighbouring foods on the stalls and both to be avoided in case of constipation! The potato, especially without its skin (fries, mash, etc.), is too rich in starch. This will then interfere with the defecation process. The carrot has the annoying tendency to absorb water in the body and slow down transit. If you have transit problems, limit their consumption as much as possible.

White rice and foods made from white cereals, to avoid in case of constipation

White rice, white bread, white pasta, and refined flour products are much less rich in dietary fibre than foods made from whole or semi-complete grains and legumes. So, if in case of diarrhoea, white rice can relieve you, because it leaves little residue in the intestine and reduces the colon’s contractions, it can increase the risk of constipation.

Junk food from fast food

This type of food is high in fat and low in fibre. There is also a lot of salt there. However, the latter will capture water in the intestine and prevent it from properly eliminating waste. In doing so, we make the evacuation slower and more laborious. In case of constipation, it is better to avoid these foods. If you decide to indulge yourself, limit the accompanying sodas in favour of good water consumption during the day.

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Drinks to avoid in case of constipation in addition to these foods?

The irritating drinks, diuretics, very sweet, and exciting must be of moderate consumption. This includes tea and coffee (hey yes!), Alcoholic drinks, and the worst of all: sugary and carbonated drinks. Finally, beware of very cold or frozen drinks, which are very inadvisable. Prefer broths or soups of vegetables and fresh fruits that provide quality hydration.