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Medication vs Meditation

If you’ve been treating a disease or some other ailment through medication, analyze the role that meditation can perform in pain control. Even if you still need medicines to decrease your discomfort, I believe that meditation will increase your overall quality of life after picking up a regular meditation practice.


Meditating is much simpler than it looks. You can dispense with incense, mantra, and isolation and do it anytime, anywhere. To empty the mind, it is necessary to connect in the present moment, where things happen. It can be feeling the wind on your face, a shy observation, a perfume, or even the emotion transmitted in a look.

Empty of any thought, your head is fully aware of what is happening at the moment. This is meditation !!!

While working, I needed to be aware of everything that happened around me, completely alert.

Despite standing still, the living statue is the most transparent representation of the soul in its essence. I tried to represent, through looking and breathing, the life that existed within the character. In addition to being an artist, I discovered myself as an athlete of body and mind. That is how I developed the practice in meditation: I understood how to connect with the present.

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For several reasons, I spent a year and a half without showing up on the sidewalks to dedicate myself exclusively to my business.

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It was a time when I was very well financially, on the other hand, the anxiety I acquired as a pet, and all its undesirable symptoms suffocated me more and more. I reached my limit when I realized that I was no longer present in my son’s life.

Without knowing where I had lost myself, I decided to go back to the starting point and resume my activity as a Living Statue, after all, I didn’t know what happened differently each time I acted, but I knew that at that moment, I perceived the life of another way, and I was quite sure that there, meditating, I would get the answers I needed. So, at the time, I stopped dedicating myself to my business and started acting only as a street artist.

Meditation vs. Remedies:

I felt the benefits of meditation in my own body. Today, research proves the changes that this practice can bring to our organism.

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Among them are pain relief, increased attention span, improved immune system, the connection between the body and mind, reduced blood pressure, and reduced cortisol.

In 2010, scientists conducted a survey with two groups: on the one hand, 45 American students from the University of Oregon, on the other, 68 Chinese students from the Dalian University of Technology.

All participants were submitted to an integrative training of body and mind, a type of intense meditation. Then, each of them underwent an MRI.

In two weeks, the tests confirmed the number of brain signalling connections. In one month, it was possible to verify the change in mental activity in the cingulate cortex region, anterior to the brain, capable of regulating behaviour.

This part of the brain is associated with several mental illnesses, such as attention deficit disorder, dementia, depression, and schizophrenia.

Such changes combined with meditation provided improvements in mood, reduced cortisol, anger, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

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From the moment we pay attention to all our feelings, emotions, and reactions, we have a greater dominance over our bodies and minds.

This is the secret of why meditation has a powerful effect, capable of replacing many tablets, pills, or capsules!