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How to heal wounds on the roof of the mouth


In addition to being annoying, palate wounds can cause serious health problems if you do not treat them correctly.

Wounds on the palate can appear mainly due to oral infections, although they are sometimes caused by stomach problems or burns from having eaten very hot food.

Its causes can also be due to a lack of vitamins or involuntary bites. Although there is no specific treatment for its cure, we help you reduce pain with the remedies that we show you below.

Brushing your teeth is not enough

To maintain good oral hygiene, it is not enough to brush your teeth after each meal, but you must also use dental floss to remove food debris where the toothbrush has not been able to reach, as well as mouthwash. The latter is highly recommended to take care of your mouth and relieve the discomfort of sores and other wounds on your palate.

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You have the option of preparing a homemade mouthwash with half a glass of water with a tablespoon of salt, another of sodium bicarbonate, and hydrogen peroxide. Mix it well and after you have brushed your teeth properly, rinse your mouth by gargling with your homemade rinse. You will notice that the pain is greatly reduced!


The first obvious symptom that appears when you have sores on the palate is pain or discomfort when eating, or even just rubbing your tongue. A red ulcer will appear in the area of ​​discomfort (sometimes with white color inside due to the pus), that is, an open mouth wound.

Sometimes, if the pain is very severe, it can be accompanied by fever and bodily discomfort, loss of appetite, and bad breath. In this case, it will be a more serious infection that not only affects your oral health, but will also affect your entire body.

If you want to avoid the appearance of wounds on the palate and its symptoms, you must be especially careful with very hot foods. It will seem silly, but you must let the food cool down to avoid sores’ appearance. In the same way, you must follow a varied and balanced diet that provides you with the necessary nutrients and vitamins to prevent the appearance of ulcers and wounds.

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Some home remedies

Aloe vera is a plant with multiple medicinal properties. For wounds on the palate, it is ideal as it will help you eliminate the discomfort and pain caused by them. Use warm water to mix it with the gel that you will extract from your plant, and use the mixture as if it were mouthwash. The wounds on your palate will disappear much more quickly.

Salt is perfect for accelerating wound healing, even if they are in the mouth. You can make homemade mouthwashes that contain salt to speed up healing, but we warn you that this method is much more annoying, but also more effective. So, make a mixture of water and salt and rinse your mouth with it to speed up the healing process.

You can also apply small drops of lemon on the wounds to help their healing, although we warn you that this can be quite painful. In the same way, honey is ideal for its antiseptic properties, and unlike the remedy mentioned above, this one is not painful.

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If the problem persists you should go to your dentist

Oral problems are often very neglected by people, for fear of going to the dentist or thinking that it will heal on their own. Home remedies are highly recommended if the problem is not very serious and discomfort or pain is not very sharp.

However, if you have difficulty eating, swallowing, speaking and the pain has spread to other parts of the mouth, we recommend that you go to your dentist as soon as possible to not lead to more serious problems.