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Home remedies for swollen gums

Inflamed gums can be due to many reasons. It implies not only poor oral hygiene or improper brushing of the teeth and gums but also a lack of vitamin C and iron.

The best way to avoid these types of problems or make them disappear is by going to the dentist, but if you prefer to reduce them on your own, we show you some home remedies to treat this problem.

Homemade rinses

The gum problem is mainly caused by the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth. The saltwater rinse is a good remedy to kill bacteria as it contains antibacterial properties. The water should be warm, and you should rest it in your mouth for a few seconds and repeat the process several times a day to notice its effectiveness.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice has properties that help reduce inflamed gums and eliminate the bacteria in your mouth to prevent that infection from reproducing and increasing. To take this rinse, you must cut half a lemon and squeeze it in a glass of water.

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You must do the same steps as with the previous homemade rinse: leave it in your mouth for a few seconds and spit it out. We recommend that you do it about 3 times a day.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is considered a great natural anti-inflammatory and is also a very good antiseptic. So that you can enjoy its benefits, fill two spoons with this vinegar and pour them into a glass of water. First, brush your teeth after each meal and then put the vinegar rinse that you have prepared in your mouth.


Clove is perfect for fighting oral infections due to its flavonoid content. It is a spice with both anesthetic and bacterial properties. To be effective with inflamed gums, you need 5 cloves and a 250-milliliter glass of water. The water should be hot when you pour in the cloves, but then you should let it cool when you go to drink it.

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The best natural anti-inflammatories

Aloe vera is considered anti-inflammatory par excellence thanks to its powerful properties. Open the Aloe vera leaf and extract the gel that is inside, removing the yellow liquid that covers it. Then spread it well over your gums, let it sit for about three minutes, and rinse your mouth. After a week, you will notice a great evolution, as long as you follow this process with good and correct oral hygiene.

Baking soda is ideal for inflamed gums as well as for other problems that can be treated with home remedies, so it is an element that you should always have at hand in your home. Thus, baking soda is very useful to eliminate the bacteria that are in your mouth. To take advantage of its properties, you must make a paste composed of this product and drops of water. When you have the paste made, you should rub it on your teeth and gums once a day.

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The ginger, along with salt, will also be your best allies for this type of problem. You should make a smooth dough by grinding it and then adding salt and water to make a paste. On this occasion, you should collect the result on the affected area for a minute 3 times a day.