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7 tips to relieve stress at any time of the day!

Many people suffer from stress because the pace of everyday life is very stressful. This is especially true for those who have more responsibilities, that is, who work, study, wake up early, come home late, sleep little, spend many hours sitting or standing in uncomfortable positions, etc. Still, did you know that it is possible to maintain a full routine and relieve stress with a few simple practices?

Rest well and in a satisfactory amount

Sleeping well is the first step to starting the day with better chances of enjoying it without stress. Physical and mental fatigue is directly related to irritability and anxiety. Therefore, quality sleep is essential. To achieve this, it is essential to plan and organize the day well. Having a bed always tidy and clean also helps, since at the time of rest you don’t have to worry about organizing any kind of a mess. Not everyone has that possibility, but if you can take a nap after lunch before you go back to work, do it! This will help you to empty your mind and relax.

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Eat nutritious and tasty foods

Food can also be a great ally in controlling stress, as some specific foods help a lot in this regard. Bananas, nuts, and foods rich in omega 3, such as salmon and chestnuts, are interesting examples. Also, it is important to prepare meals that are truly tasty and pleasurable for you. This sensation implies the release of hormones that will fight both stress and anxiety. That goes for snacks that you take to work, okay?

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Practice physical activity

The practice of physical activity also releases substances in the body that inhibit stress, generating a feeling of well-being, pleasure, and fullness. Aerobic exercises (running, swimming, cycling, walking, jumping rope) are the most suitable. In addition, during exercises, it is common to think about the problems and chores of the day to day, which ends up being therapy, since it is a moment of introspection and focus. Work-based gymnastics is not a substitute, but it helps, so practicing it while working is also a good way to de-stress.

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If possible, receive massage

Stress affects the mental part and the physical part, since it makes the body’s muscles tense. Massage can be a good alternative in this sense, as when relaxing the muscles, there is a feeling of relief and pleasure that removes stress, even if only momentarily. It also helps to alleviate muscle pain and tiredness. So, how about asking that friend from work to give you a hand when you feel you need more energy? It’s just no use asking and never doing anything!

Do something you like

Pleasure is fundamental in combating stress, which is why any activity that generates this sensation, releasing hormones and substances linked to well-being, is always welcome! So, if you like singing, playing video games, playing an instrument, playing a sport, or anything else that gives you pleasure, go ahead. A good tip is to use the remaining lunch time to read outdoors. So you get out of the stressful environment and still get distracted.

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Use your phone less

Studies have shown that the excessive use of cell phones increases users’ risk of developing disorders such as depression and anxiety, which are directly related to stress. Therefore, using the devices in a balanced way will help in controlling stress.

Stretch frequently

The suggestion of stretching to treat stress follows the same logic as massage, as it is a technique that aims to relieve body tensions. It is normal to feel heavy joints during a full and tiring day, not very flexible and cracking, the back and neck hurting, among other symptoms. Stretching serves to alleviate these discomforts.