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Do you think you are losing your hearing? Take care of your ears!

Ears are a fundamental part of a person’s life, so you have to know how to take care of them correctly and, if you think you are losing hearing, you should take measures as soon as possible to be able to maintain good hearing health. Being able to listen well is necessary to enjoy the sounds of life and, above all, to have pleasant sensations in our life.

Therefore, if you want to maintain healthy ears, it is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

– Do not expose yourself to loud noises.

– Lower the volume of the devices at home. Listening louder does not mean hearing better.

– Do not abuse the volume of electronic devices, it is better to have a volume below 60% of its power.

– If you use headphones, do not put them at full power.

– If you work in a noisy environment, you need to wear hearing protection.

– If you usually have otitis, flu, or ear infections, follow the treatment recommended by your doctor to avoid hearing loss.

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– When you shower, clean the outside of your ears well with hypoallergenic gauze without putting it inside them. Just dry your ears to avoid yeast infections.

– If you swim or immerse yourself in bathing water, it is better to use earplugs to avoid moisture in the ear canal.

– Never put objects in the ear, not even cotton swabs, as they can damage the membrane, the interior, or cause plugs with accumulated earwax.

– If a child has a speech delay, a study and follow-up should be carried out to rule out possible hearing problems.

– If you feel discomfort in your ears, go to a specialist to assess your situation and perform the relevant tests.

Beware of noise, it can damage your ears

If you use headphones to listen to music at too high a volume, you could have hearing problems even if you are a young person. Therefore, it is convenient that you limit the sound to avoid later problems.

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If you ignore these recommendations and expose yourself to loud noises for a long time, you could have permanent damage to your hearing, which you could have prevented by properly using these devices or having avoided loud sounds. When hearing damage occurs, there is no treatment to regain lost hearing, so prevention is the most important thing.

You can avoid damaging your ears from noise by taking into account the volume and the length of time you are exposed to that noise. On a working day, the noise must be less than 65 dB in eight hours of work.

The hearing screening: don’t let it pass

From the age of 50, you need to have a hearing check annually. In this way, even if you have a slight hearing loss, it can be detected early and avoid or slow down the process of deterioration of your hearing.

A hearing screening is non-invasive and will only take a few minutes. The test is simple and does not hurt. You will not have any discomfort. It is carried out in the consultation of a specialist or in a specialized hearing centre, but always with professionals in the sector. Once all the patient’s information is gathered, an otoscopy is performed to know that there is no physical problem that may be causing the patient hearing problems.

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Sometimes hearing loss can be 100% preventable

The noise can cause hearing problems. There are many noises caused by construction sites, traffic, speakers, and even shouting in our society. They are noises that you are used to, but they are probably affecting you without you even noticing. When noise or sound exceeds 65 dB, it is considered harmful, and it can cause irreversible damage to the ear.

This is why it is necessary to know the noises around you to know if they are harmful to you or not and if you should take action.